PSA for CFO. Achieve financial transparency for your entire organization.

Increase revenue and profitability with real-time financial tracking and analytics while automating your revenue recognition.

Supports Every Organizational Role – Designed by professional services experts, Arrow PSA addresses every role in your organization, from subject matter experts and knowledge workers, project managers, accounting, to executive-level management.

One Single, Powerful System – Simplify and unify your administrative processes with a single system for professional services automation. Arrow PSA is device and platform agnostic, and is completely native on Salesforce.

Invoice with confidence on your terms.

Achieve full financial efficiency with comprehensive automated and manual project and client billing. Configure the system to support all of the billing arrangements that your organization has, including time and materials, subscription, fixed-fee, pre-paid and milestone billing.  Control the entire process with configurable approval processes. PSA for CFO goes above and beyond to ensure that your business finances are optimized.

Forecast revenue and profitability for the entire organization.

Gain full visibility into the financial health of your services organization with intuitive analytics to show expected/accrued revenue from billable time, forecasted revenue based on real project schedules and true project profitability based on the cost of every resource.

A solution designed and delivered by a team of professional services experts to give you the insights that you need.

Automate your entire process

No need to collect disparate time and financial data to complete your project billing. With Arrow PSA all of your data is entered in a single system, approved by your team and automatically invoiced and sent to your clients.

Take control of your financials

From tracking and approving project billing, Arrow PSA makes your entire process seamless and intuitive so you can focus on forecasting and managing your entire services organization.

Integration with your General Ledger

With open Salesforce APIs Arrow PSA allows you to integrate your professional automation software with any financial software (i.e. QuickBooks, NetSuite, etc.) that integrates with Salesforce or has available APIs.

PSA for Project Management

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