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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes.  The users that will use Arrow PSA will need to minimally have a Platform Licenses from Salesforce in addition to an Arrow PSA license.  Salesforce licenses are sold and priced by

You will not need to purchase Arrow PSA licenses for every user in your Salesforce org.  You will only need to purchase Arrow PSA licenses for the users that will use the features or functionality that are a part of Arrow PSA.

Our core Arrow PSA Plan Edition is the core project management essentials and starts at $17.50/user/month.  Arrow PSA Plan lets you start instantly managing projects and work break down structures without the need for robust time entry, project billing and resource management.

Get more details on all Arrow PSA editions and Pricing >

* All pricing is based on a minimum of 10 users and an annual contract.

Salesforce has an open API which means that you can integrate to any system that either integrates with Salesforce or has an open API.

Contact our team to discuss service options to help setup an integration with your financial system.