September 2020 New Features release! Arrow PSA 2.28

Good news! We have a great new set of updates with Arrow PSA 2.28. These updates facilitate better compatibility with new Salesforce releases, and continue to add value to our customization options.

Support for Winter 21 

  • Fixed compatibility issues with Salesforce Winter 21 release 

Time Sheets 

  • Warning modal will appear if you navigate away from unsaved timesheets 
  • Prevents submission of unsaved timesheet 

Templated Invoices 

  • Will run as a batch to avoid salesforce system time limits 

Manual Invoicing 

  • New select available: Billing Event Only 

Bug Fixes 

  • Grouping time entries in detailed mode  
  • Sort and filter preferences are maintained after moving time entries 
  • Deleted TE Name__c autonumber field that was confusing 

With Arrow PSA Software, you can:

  • Gain financial control and profitability with one, comprehensive, integrative platform
  • Achieve better visibility of your organization, and a better understanding of your team’s productivity
  • Drive your organization’s operational efficiency with powerful resource management capabilities
  • Generate, in real-time, the insights you need to run your organization, and plan for the future

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