Forecasting and Planning: Insights and Reporting at Every Level

Monitor the performance of every area of your organization with the power of Salesforce reports and dashboards. Arrow PSA provides the metrics and data needed to support every type of business, run exceptional projects, manage an efficient team, and make the right decisions for your business, every time.
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Powerful executive and management visibility into every aspect of the organization.

  • Resource leveling and planning
  • Real-time revenue forecasting
  • Cost management tools
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Utilize a tool to get real big picture visibility of your entire organization.

Arrow PSA provides executive level visibility into the organization currently, and the tools needed to plan for the future.
Resource Leveling and Planning

Configurable real-time dashboards and reports that are mobile enabled.

Built on a single system so everyone is looking at the same data

Meta-data driven, so all data can be reported on.

Real-Time Revenue Forecasting and Cost Management

Hit your KPIs with executive-level forecasting and reporting

Increase efficiency and profit by replacing resource management spreadsheets with real-time tracking and forecasting.

Increase collaboration between project teams and executives with Salesforce Chatter and the Arrow PSA Collaboration Bar™

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Forecasting and Planning with Arrow PSA

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Workload Forcasting

Real-time Financial Metrics

Project Status and Reporting

Resource Forcasting Only

Workload Forcasting

No Collaboration

Resource Management without Sales Collaboration

Arrow PSA

Workload Forcasting

Real-time Financial Metrics

Project Status and Reporting

Financial and Resource Forcasting

Workload Forcasting & Modeling

Collaboration at all Levels

Resource Forecasting with Sales and Project Backlog