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Live mode for the planner is a features in this release and requires updates in “Set up.” Please follow instructions below after upgrading your org or sandbox.

  • All Lightning Pages with Planners must be edited/saved to capture the new “Live” setting preference
  • To Use “Live” Mode you must update Change Data Capture

You must update the assignment Fields array of the resource manager config to use Planned Mode on the resource manager with “apollo__Project_Task__r.apollo__WorkBaselineInHours__c”,



  • Added Live Mode option to Planner – You can now view live changes being made to projects!
  • Moved Time Entry Calculations and Task Rollups to Async processes
  • Added Planned/Actual toggle to Resource Manager – Planned will show hours planned on tasks, Actual is the default mode
  • Added Default Filters on Resource Manager
  • Improved Timesheet component performance
  • Collapsible Timesheet sidebar

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Time Entry Sort/Filter Refreshes After Save
  • Fixed Checklist Templates Duplicate on Save Template

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