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Assign User Licenses

When installing Arrow PSA into your production environment from the AppExchange one licenses is assigned to the administrator who is completing the install. Arrow Provisioning will update your license count to match the amoutn that you have purchased within 1 day after the package is installed.

If your available license count does not match the purchased licenses plese contact your Account Exceutive or Arrow PSA Support.

To assign the remaining licenses for Arrow PSA:
  1. Navigate to Setup > Installed Packages.
  2. Click Manage Licenses for the Arrow PSA package.

  3. Select the users that should access Arrow PSA.

              Click Add

REMEMBER: If all of the licenses are not available that you purchased with Arrow PSA please reach out to help@arrowpsa.com to ensure the quickest provisioning of any missing licenses.

After provisioning and assigning your licenses you will need to assign the correct permission set(s) and profile updates for your users.

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