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Time Management & Time Entry

Arrow has robust time entry and management to capture what projects and project tasks that team members are working on. The system uses this time to rollup project costs, invocing and many other reporting functions in Salesforce. To ensure easy time entry, Arrow is installed with both a Timesheet time entry system, as well as a quick time entry that traverses Salesforce as the user is using the system.

To tailor time entry rules and process for your organization you can configure the lightning components that support time entry, and customize the user interface leveraging standard Salesforce funcitonality so the system matches your organization’s time management process.

  • Setup time entry with timesheets
    Timesheets are the primary way that users enter time in Arrow. The Timesheet component can be added to Lightning record pages and configured for your organization to match the time entry users for any type of user in the system.
  • Schedule automatic timesheet creation
    Timesheets are automatically produced in the system for each active resource. Schedule the job to automate the creation of the timesheet records based weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly timesheets.
  • Add the Quick Time Entry lightning component
    Enhance the usability of the system by adding a Quick Time Entry component to the utility bar of an Lightning App that your users use.


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