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Resource Management

Resources are the core records in Arrow that represent both internal and external resources (people and materials) that can be leveraged as part of Project Planning, Forecasting and Time Management. The process of resource management can be customized based on your organization by leveraging standard Salesforce configurations and extending the Resource object with custom fields and workflows.

  • Add custom fields for resources
    Enhance the data that is tracked for your resources by adding custom fields to the resource object.
  • Add internal users as resources
    Update the Arrow users in your system to create internal resources and associate the appropriate internal users to resources.
  • Resource forecasting and optimization
    If your organization is managing project plans, estimated work and duration you have the ability to forecast future workload and financials by resource and many other types of data that is being tracked in Arrow. Enable the Arrow forecasting job to see planned allocation. (Requires Time Entry)
  • Configuring the resource manager
    The goal of resource management is to evaluate workloads and utilization across your organization and optimize capacity. Arrow helps users visualize and plan resource allocation with Resource Manager. Further extend the platform by adding custom filter criteria to your resource manager based on the custom fields that were defined for your resources. (Requires resource forecasting)


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