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Project Planner & Gantt

Arrow PSA comes with robust project planner and gantt to allow your team to manage projects and tasks in a familiar project management interface. The system allows you to personalize the project planner and gantt with varying automation and columns that can be aligned to different types of users.

  • Create and modify planner configurations
    Arrow PSA allows you to define multiple ways that project planners function and are displayed to users. The planner configuration that is associated to a planner component is what determines the functions and visbility.
  • Add a custom column on a planner
    The columns that are displayed on a project planner can be customized for each planner configuration. You are able to add varying field types as a column and enforce if each column is read-only or editable based on the configuration.
  • Adding the project planner component to a project Lightning record page
    The project planner can added as a component to a project Lightning record page so users can update a project inline on a project.
  • Add a button to open a project planner
    A project planner may be opened from a project using a custom button on the project object.
  • Assign different planners to different users
    For organizations where users have varying requirements for what is displayed on a project and project planner Arrow PSA offers the ability to have multiple configurations and leverages standard Salesforce Lightning functions to determine what type of planner is visible to users when.

For supporting Arrow documentation on configuring the project planner please reference the following articles.


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