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Tailor your project management process

Ready to setup the basic project management process for your organization? Arrow is installed with a core set of project types, layouts and fields already configured in a single Arrow PSA, but you can enhance and customize Arrow to support your organization’s entire process leveraging standard Salesforce configurations.

Tailor the core Project Management process in Arrow PSA by can adding or managing the types of projects your organization manages, customizing the user interface, and setting up the data in the system your way.

  • Manage Project Record Types
    Project record types let you differentiate the project management processes, picklist values, and the page layouts for different users. The different can also be used to differentiate certain Arrow functionality and calculations.
  • Project Management Supporting Objects
    Supporting objects provide additional details for projects based on project management best practices, including: Assumptions, Risks and Issues.
  • Clean-up the project page layouts
    Arrow is installed with a set of fields that support all of the functions in the system — project management, budget management, time entry and invoicing. If your organization is not using all of the functions of Arrow some fields can be removed to help streamline the interfafce for your users.
  • Add custom fields for projects and supporting objects
    Further enhance project management for your organization by adding custom fields that are specific for your projects.
  • Custom components for Projects
    To help users visualize the data on a project Arrow has custom components that can be added and configured on a Lightning Record Page.

Budgets and Budget Management
Project budgets impact other functions in the system from forecasting to reporting. Arrow provides a robust set of pre-installed configurations that provide for multiple budget tracking options. Understand the options for budget management that are installed with Arrow and how each option may support your organization’s project management process. With an understanding of the budget management options you have the ability to update the configurations that are in place or add new budget configurations to support your process.


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