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Management of project tasks and work

Arrow PSA enables the management of projects and work throughout your organization — from the executive team to the knowledge workers that are completing tasks. To help visualize and report on work the system has out of the box functionality that enables your users to see all of their work, focus on work-in-progress and maximize efficiency. To accomplish this Arrow PSA has two core components: Arrow Kanban and Arrow Checklists.


The Arrow Kanban Board is installed with Arrow to provide users with a visual depiction of the status of the project tasks for an overall project. By default, Project Tasks have 3 statuses that are also defaulted on the Arrow Kanban Board. You can customize the statuses that are visible on the Kanban board by update the Status picklist on the project task and updating the metadata for the Arrow Kanban board.

  • Add a personal Arrow Kanban board for users
    Users have access to a personalized Kanaban board that displays all project tasks that are assigned to the user across all of the projects that they are working on. The personalized Kanban board can provide the visualization that the user needs to see their entire workload from one spot in the system. And, the easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface and quick time entry allow the user to manage their entire workload from one place.
  • Add and customize the Arrow Kanban board for your projects
    To give project managers an extended view of all tasks on a project in a visualized context the Kanban board can be added to the project lightning record pages.
  • Add custom status columns to your Arrow Kanban board
    Arrow comes with Open, In Progress and Complete Statuses, but you can extend the Kanban Board to display the project task statuses that match your organization’s project management and task managment process.


Arrow Checklists are more granular work items than project tasks. They are typically the to-do list that a knowledge user has that is needed to complete a task. Think of it as someone’s personal post-it note. With checklists the system allows your users to create their own to-do lists for completing a project task, and it enables mentor-level resources the ability to give users step-by-step items that need to be completed to complete a task.

  • Add or remove the checklist from project tasks
    By default checklist items are setup to be logged against Project Tasks, so your users will have immediate ability to manage their checklist. You can increase the visibility of checklist items by adding a Lightning Component to the Project Task lightning page.
  • Add a checklist to another object
    Further enable your team to manage checklists by extending Checklists to any object in Salesforce.


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