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Invoicing and Billing

Arrow is installed with a robust invoicing engine that generates invoices based on how your organization invoices your clients for projects and other static services, products or licenses. The system allows you and your users to define multiple, standard rate cards for the organization, or define specific billing rules for an individual project or account.


  • You are not limited to a single type of invoicing within the system. Many organization run a combination of multiple, if not all, types of invoicing that are supported by Arrow. On each of the invoice type pages are examples of when the specificied type of invoing may be applicable.

Add your company logo, address and core invoice settings
Configure Arrow to represent your company. Add your company’s logo and address so you customers recognize your invoices, and configure the core settings for your organization’s invoicing.

Understand billing and AP Configs
Billing and AP Configs in Arrow define who will receive invoices from a project and how the invoices will be generated and what rates will be used. It is important to have an understand of how Billing and AP Configs interact with the invoicing engine when determining the types of invoices your organization will use.

Define the order of operations for billing rates
When invoices are produced using rates and “rate cards” the system will use an order to operations to determine which billing rate takes precedence and how the system will apply rates when invoicing. If you are doing any Time and Material Invoicing ensure that the order of operations for billing rates represents your company’s processes.

Understand the types of invoices supported by Arrow
In order to define which types of invoicing should be setup in the system develop an understanding of the types of invoicing that can be generated with Arrow. Review the overview of the types of invoicing and then setup the invoice jobs that your organization will need.


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