August 2020 New Features release! Project Planner 2.0

Our team has been working hard to make our Project Planner 2.0 even better than our V1 version; adding refining features that reflect the way real-time projects actually work, and that can facilitate a faster, smoother, closer to real-time processes and visualizations for each task, each assignment, and all of the documentation in between.

Project Planner 2.0

New Project Planner 2.0 Features!

  • Unlimited Levels of Tasks/Sub Tasks now supported
  • Revamped Gantt Chart with draggable Tasks and Dependencies
  • Live update of Tasks/Dependencies/Assignments
  • Supports Durations in Months/Days/Hours/Minutes
  • Adjustable Time Scale with automatic adjustment
  • Ability to download to Excel, PDF or Microsoft Project
  • Draggable interface for rearranging Tasks
  • Upgraded Predecessor Engine for faster calculations
  • Support for custom business hours
  • Fullscreen Mode

Existing Features (from v1)

  • Undo/Redo
  • Critical Path Highlight
  • Copy/Paste
  • Customizable Column Layout
  • Business Day/Hour Calculations
  • Predecessor Support
  • Task Detail Panel – Time Entries

With Arrow PSA Software, you can:

  • Gain financial control and profitability with one, comprehensive, integrative platform
  • Achieve better visibility of your organization, and a better understanding of your team’s productivity
  • Drive your organization’s operational efficiency with powerful resource management capabilities
  • Generate, in real-time, the insights you need to run your organization, and plan for the future

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