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With Arrow PSA, manage your entire professional services business with a single solution developed 100% natively on the Salesforce platform.

Project Management Essentials

From Concept to Completion, manage your projects effectively with the proper tools.

Project Creation and Management

Manage your projects more effectively with an intuitively designed user interface, with standardized project management functionality and features. Optimize your entire service and delivery process, from project inception to closure; with configurable best practices to ensure that your customer experience is positive and consistent.

Task and Dependency Tracking

Arrow PSA’s dynamic project scheduler updates your project plan with built-in task management, and robust dependency management capabilities (the extent to which a task is dependent on the completion of another task).

Billing and Financial Management

Gain financial control and profitability with one comprehensive, integrative platform.

Project Accounting and Budget Management

Improve the profitability of your organization with real-time financial management of project budgets and expenses. Give your project managers full visibility into your projects’ financial health.

Project billing and Client Invoicing.

Increase the operational efficiency of your business with flexible project billing and client invoicing. Create different billing engagements, billing rates, and flexible invoicing options based on your business processes.

Integrate with your Accounting Platform

Optional integration with your back-end General Ledger (GL) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System makes adoption and adaptation to Arrow PSA easier, providing a full 360 – degree solution for your organization.

Precision Time Entry and Tracking

Achieve better visibility, and a better understanding of your team’s productivity.

Time and Expense Entry

Real-time, detailed time tracking enables your team to quickly, accurately, and conveniently enter their hours; improving productivity levels, and reducing your overall revenue leakage caused by inefficiencies.

Time to Task and Project Reconciliation

Arrow PSA brings clarity to your time tracking by enabling budgeting at the task, task group, and project levels. Increase your organization’s profitability with automated notifications and workflows based on actual versus budget.

Resource Management Tools

Drive your organization’s operational efficiency with Arrow PSA’s powerful resource management capabilities.

Report Today and Plan for Tomorrow

Arrow PSA gives you the visibility and tools needed to manage the insights of your entire organization, work smarter based on these insights, and accomplish your goals by unifying and enabling your organization’s resources.

Resource Leveling and Planning

Optimize your organization’s productivity by ensuring that your resources are appropriately scheduled today, while planning and forecasting for tomorrow; with intuitive resource planning and leveling tools, as well as analytics.

Analytics, Reporting, and Forecasting

Generate in real-time, the insights you need to run your professional services organization, and plan for the future

Advanced Analytics with Salesforce Reports and Dashboards

Leverage the power of Salesforce reports and dashboards, integrated with Arrow PSA’s cohesive single system, so that all data can be reported on, and every user is looking at the same data.

Executive Forecasting Using Historical and Real-Time Data

It’s impossible to make educated decisions about the future without looking at accurately recorded data from the past. Arrow PSA ensures thorough, powerful data management, stored on a single system, and available for your team.

Professional Services Automation that makes sense.

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