Who We Are.

Arrow PSA is the brainchild of executives, web developers, and managers who saw the need to unify Professional Services Automation capabilities on the Salesforce platform.

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Arrow PSA is developed by Appclipse, a privately held LLC, headquartered in Chicago, Illinois.

Arrow PSA Location


We have offices located in Chicago, IL, Austin, TX and Milwaukee, WI.



We are a NGLCC Certified LGBT Enterprise.

Our Mission.

We exist to make the lives of Salesforce users easier! Arrow PSA offers the opportunity to marry project management, billing, time management, resource scheduling, and executive-level revenue forecasting tools; in one unique, affordable, integrated suite of solutions. With over four years in the IT sector, and an extensive 20+ years background in technology, our team is well-equipped to empower your organization. We’re committed to improving the flow of our clients’ day-to-day operations, and we strive to stay at the forefront of innovation in application development.

Key Features of Arrow PSA

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Designed with Project Managers in mind — Arrow PSA helps your plan and organize the details of your project portfolio with an intuitive project builder designed with the features that project managers are accustomed to. Link tasks, set up multiple dependencies and dependency types, and work within multiple views.

Enable your team to enter and track time within a single system, empowering your business to achieve faster, more accurate budgeting, billing and invoicing. Better understand your employees’ productivity, and ensure that your team has the chance to shine.

Optimize staffing and utilization through real-time reporting and forecasting. Grow your margins by maximizing resource allocation, view external and capital dependencies, and level your organization’s workload. Ensure you know what is happening in your organization today, while preparing for the future.